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Partworn Tyres
Tyres R Us Hull opened in 2015 with a simple philosophy to supply quality branded partworn tyres at the best possible price. Since we opened we have searched all over Europe looking for the best suppliers to help deliver our philosophy. We have now found these suppliers that we feel provide them tyres, like most things in life you can get cheaper but we feel our quality is unrivalled and is worth paying for.

With over 1000 part worn tyres in stock and access to an additional 55000 from 13″ to 22″ aswell as 4×4 and commercial from manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Bridgestone etc. We are confident we have the tyres for you.

All of our tyres go through various stages of tests, they are visually inspected then pressure tested for any imperfections and if there’s any doubt they are sent for recycling.

The majority of part worn tyres come from across Europe, Germany for example insist on their cars having all 4 tyres with the same tread pattern on them. If one of their tyres gets a puncture, they often have to replace all 4 tyres to comply with the law there. The 3 remaining tyres which were perfectly fine, come over to us via a range of reputable wholesalers. Some country’s also insist on having summer and winter tyres, so again perfectly good tyres have tocome off vehicles. We are confident of the quality and safety of every tyre we fit.

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New Tyres
Of course not everyone wants partworn tyres or they don’t meet everyone’s needs, we understand this and also stock a variety of new tyres. Again we have accounts with all the leading wholesalers enabling us to source all sizes and brands and can get any non stocked tyres the same day or the next day at the latest.

Whatever tyres you need tyres r us has the tyres for you.

The biggest test for us is this: would we fit this tyre on our cars that carry our families? If the answer is no, then under no circumstances would we fit it to anyone else’s vehicle.


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